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Physical Asset Report

Our Physical Asset Reports are a huge time saver for all our clients. The report provides a full overview of the deceased estates property from size and security to condition and contents without the need to leave the office.

The report will give you all the information you need to deal with the estate from meter readings, security details right through to stop tap location and works required (including quotes) to get the property ready for marketing.

With one single call / email our clients can instruct us to carry out the report and we will provide you with an information packed Physical Asset Report.

We can even combine this with other services including drain downs / document searches / inventories etc to again reduce the time you need to spend on the case arranging visits / trades.

With the Physical Asset Report complete you will have all the information you need along with costs for any required works (clearances/ valuations / garden tidies etc).

Document / Jewellery / Bequeathed Searches

We can arrange to attend a property and complete a search for anything from documents through to bequeathed items and jewellery relating to an estate, we will then arrange for all items located to be sent to your office via tracked delivery / stored or delivered directly to beneficiaries.

Drain Down

We can complete a drain down of the property to protect it from burst pipes and cold weather, this will also assist the property in complying with insurance requirements while empty.


We can provide a full written inventory of the property complete with photographs which can help with identifying items that relatives / beneficiaries (I.e. family / friends / charities) would like from a property or for deciding what needs to be placed in storage.

Chattels Valuations / Sales

We can provide a written chattels valuation for inheritance tax highlighting any items of value in the property, we can then arrange for any of the items to be sold / auctioned.

Vehicle Valuations / Sales

We can carry out both blind and inspected vehicle valuations complete with written report.

We also include Collection and Sale details / costs with our vehicle valuations so if you need, we can arrange collection of the vehicle, insurance, storage, preparation, and marketing / sale.

We can also arrange collection and storage if required.


Through our recommended insurance broker (Secure Insurance Services) and utilising the information from our Physical Asset Reports accurate void insurance policies for properties relating to deceased estates can be provided.

We can also arrange for periodic insurance inspections to be completed to comply with insurance policy requirements.

Storage / Dispersal of Bequeathed Items

We can arrange for items from a property to be collected and stored locally or in our company storage and when ready deliver them to beneficiaries (UK / worldwide) or take them to auction.

Clearance / Cleans

We can arrange for properties to be cleared (fully / part) and cleaned ready to go on the market, making sure they look their best for potential buyers.

Garden Tidies / Cut Backs

Nothing advertises a property as empty more than an overgrown garden, we can arrange for any garden to be cut back to look maintained, this not only helps reduce unwanted attention but also helps sell a property as it gives buyers a better understanding of the size and possibilities.

Accompanied Visits

Where beneficiaries, family members or charities / service providers need access to a property to retrieve items we can arrange for accompanied visits to be made and where needed, inventories of items collected.

We cover the whole of the UK and if there is anything you need assistance with no matter how unusual please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist.

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